Amy Pietrowski

AmyPtrwsky-106Amy Pietrowski is a former United States Marine Corps Gulf War Vet, a school teacher and has been very involved in her community through social work practice, and volunteer efforts. With this diverse background, she has a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw on when representing your case and understands and can fully empathize with your legal and emotional issues. She also has the uncanny ability of developing a relationship with you that promotes a sense of trust and likeability, and you will quickly come to understand her desire to zealously advocate as though you were a member of her own family.

After serving as a United States Marine Corps soldier in the Gulf War she entered the field of social work, and later returned to school to become a school teacher. After a few years of teaching, she was drawn to the legal profession in order to continue in public service, and to improve the ability of those struggling with family law problems who desire efficient and expeditious results from an attorney who will fight zealously for their rights.